New School Tattoo Ideas

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Do you like bright colors, solid shapes and sci-fi themes in tattooing? Then you should take new school tattoo style into consideration!

In 1950 tattoos have been associated mostly with gangsters, imprisoners and juvenile offenders. Moreover, the spark of hepatitis because of poor sterilization in 1960 made tattoo art and culture, mostly underground. But the art became popular and interesting for youth after hygiene techniques and health codes were update — and the new school tattoo style as you see it now appeared. Technological advances and new trends have influenced tattooing a lot — flashes have become colorful, bold and made in solid outlines.

When you see the new school tattoo you’ll never muddle it with other style — it is always freaky and crazy, colorful, disproportional and the main idea is really mad. But you shouldn’t confuse this style with the neo traditional one. Neo traditional style is based on old school flashes, but new school tattoos are more cartoonish, diverse, and surreal; the subject depends highly on the tattoo artist’s own style.

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