New School Tattoo Designs

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New school tattoo designs are very popular now. The most characteristic trait of the new school tattoo drawings is their colorfulness — due to the progress in the tattoo industry and equipment. This tattoo style is not defined strictly, but you’ll know the new school tattoo flash for its splash of colors, cartoon-like shape and bright rich inks.

In old school tattoo designs only the limited colors are used (mostly the primary ones); the new school’s colors you’ll rarely find in nature and 3D shapes and solid outlines of the flashes reminds graffiti. The main new school tattoo themes are nautical, birds and animals, as well as horrors, lettering and hip-hop trends. The style gives unlimited opportunities to play with different tattoo techniques and ideas. Flashes may be abstract or bold in colors — they may don’t fit into the style, this doesn’t matter for new school tattoos.

And of course, new school style and neo traditional one are not the same! Neo traditional style is the representation of old school one but made in bold colors, much more shading and made using modern equipment. New school tattoo designs have the same roots, but look totally different. When you’ll see these styles one time, you’ll distinguish them for sure!

26 Nice New School Tattoo Designs
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