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A new beginnings tattoo can be very interpretative and dynamic. Common designs include shooting stars and nautical stars. Skulls are also common for displaying new beginnings or rising above a major struggle.

For women, it is common to see butterflies in a new beginnings tattoo. Butterflies symbolize freedom and self-transformation. If you are starting a new, faith-based life, imagery of your religion, such as a cross or religion-specific symbol displays a new beginning, and a new path for life.

A ship setting sail on calm waters is a great way to symbolize a new beginning in life. You could intensify the story by putting references to your previous struggle in the background showing the ship sailing away from it.

A quote reminding you to be who you are as you start your new journey is both inspirational and powerful. Someone struggling with a personal dilemma may read it; it may inspire them to keep pushing forward.

These samples of new beginnings tattoo designs can help you display your reasoning for your new beginning. You can get ideas from what others have chosen and use elements of several to complete your own design. You may even come across the perfect design that you would customize with minimal changes.

34 New Beginning Tattoo Ideas
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