New Beginning Tattoo Designs

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Are you starting over after a major disaster in your life? A simple tattoo that says, New Beginnings or A Brand New Me symbolizes that you are rising up following a struggle. You can also use symbolism for tattoos that mean new beginnings after a painful breakup or divorce by using a broken heart with an asphalt road between it that becomes a golden road with a rainbow at the end. Something like this shows that the dark times are behind you, and you’re ready for what lies ahead.

A couple of ideas for tattoos that mean new beginnings could be a dark, terrifying scene that gradually becomes a pleasant landscape, which symbolizes that you left a dark place to get to the beautiful place to start over. Another idea is something as simple as a blooming flower.

Something that you could absolutely customize for yourself is the Celtic new beginnings symbol with a lotus flower above it. This is a direct symbolization reference of tattoos that mean new beginnings, since it can be embellished upon to customize the design.

Look through some of the examples that we’ve put together here to get some ideas to display your new beginning. Any reference of struggle can be flipped into a design that shows the battle, but focuses on your new life in the forefront.

59 Tattoo Designs that Mean New Beginning
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