Motivation Tattoo Ideas

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Motivational tattoos help pick you up when your spirits are down or help you meet your goals. If you are a procrastinator, a phrase like, “If not now, when?” because there is no better time than the present. Motivational tattoo ideas like this are ideal for those with career, personal, or relationship goals.

Those suffering from chronic or mental illness feel different types of pain. Motivational tattoo ideas for people who find it hard to get through each day because of physical pain may identify with the quote, “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.” This phrase reminds you to keep pushing forward, no matter how hard it is right now.

If you like to be motivated through expression and imagery, consider a progression tattoo, starting with a fierce thunderstorm that progresses to a beautiful landscape. This would symbolize that every storm you experience runs out of rain and any problem can be overcome with determination.

Some of the motivational tattoo ideas here may give you inspiration for your own design. Think about what you’re struggling with and the best way to pick yourself up when you need it. Be tough with yourself if you have to be, but make sure your tattoo helps you rise back up after experiencing a setback.

13 Motivational Tattoo Ideas
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