Motivation Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos that give motivation are often quotes or power words. You can also get really creative with your artist and convey your message of motivation through symbols. If your personal motivational message is to “reach for the stars”, consider a symbolism tattoo with a silhouette of a person reaching upward to the sky, and include noticeable stars in your night sky.

Some power words for tattoos that give motivation are “Warrior”, “Survivor”, “Fighter”, or “Driven”. These are ideal for the inner forearm, inner bicep, and anywhere that you can see easily. When choosing your quote or inspirational/motivational phrase, consider where it will be placed. Think about how the tattoo will look as only text and what font you want the quote displayed in. The text that you choose can add to or take away from the meaning of your motivational tattoo.

If you have suffered a tragedy or suffer with depression/suicidal thoughts, consider a motivational quote like, “You have no idea what you have to look forward to” to remind you that each day that you wake up is a great day and is worth living.

Take some inspiration from the tattoos that give motivation that we have collected here. You may find the perfect phrase, word, or symbol to convey exactly what you’re thinking.

31 Tattoo Designs that Give Motivation
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