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Couples, best friends, siblings, and family members often get matching tattoos to symbolize a special connection. When you opt for a matching tattoo that has two components meant to connect when side-by-side, this makes that tattoo artist’s job a little harder. It is important that both of you approve your stencils to make sure the alignment of your matching tattoos is perfect.

Even though the idea is for your tattoos to match, only the theme really has to match. Each party can choose the colors that they want or prefer. The tattoos will still match and hold the same meaning. Now, if you are getting a matching tattoo with your spouse or partner, exclude the use of names. Use symbolizations instead, because those can mean whatever you want them to if the relationship ends.

We have provided some matching tattoo ideas so that you can see the different concepts that some people have chosen. You will notice how the artist ties in each design and doesn’t leave either tattoo unfinished looking. A good tattoo artist will make each half of the matching tattoo ideas that you have and draw them to look like they are continuing rather than hanging aimlessly in space.

64 Lovely Matching Tattoo Ideas
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