Matching Tattoo Designs

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Are you thinking about getting a matching tattoo with your best friend or partner? Make sure you are both on board with the same idea and have the same design in mind first. You should also make sure that it is a design you can both live with on your bodies forever should your connection fade over time.

Some matching tattoo designs can be implemented into another design to take on a different meaning should your connection fade. It is a good idea to pick a design that can transform into something else, because thinking ahead in this type of situation can save you a big headache later.

When you are ready to get your matching tattoos, ask your artist to take actual measurements to make sure that the tattoos are absolutely symmetrical and match perfectly where they connect. If a single centimeter is off, a second attempt is needed.

We have compiled a few matching tattoo designs here to give you an idea of how each half of a matching tattoo should finish so that it looks complete on its own. Also, keep in mind that you and your tattoo twin must get the same body part tattooed if they are to connect when you stand next to each other. If you just have the same design, you can place them anywhere you are comfortable with.

14 Best Matching Tattoo Designs
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