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We all have a lucky charm. Whether it’s a pair of socks that ensures we seem to have the best day ever, a tie that seems to do the trick at every interview there’s nothing wrong with believing in things that bring you luck.

The belief in lucky tattoos is not new. Modern luck tattoo ideas are basically a permanent lucky charm. Depending on what you believe and where you’re from, you might consider a lucky charm tattoo that includes a horseshoe, a four-leafed clover or even a rabbit’s foot.

There are also popular figures from the East that allegedly change the fortune of their owners, including Maneki Neko (which are waving good fortune cats) and certain images of Buddha.

However, some people look for more abstract symbols of luck. The sun wheel is a great example. It alludes to the luck of a successful farming season, and can be interpreted to represent a force guiding you through life with good luck.

Another example of looking into the future to find luck is the Egyptian All Seeing Eye. It represents the ability to see the future and adjust to bring yourself good fortune, and is rumored to bring people luck.

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