Luck Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos that give luck are common across the world and you’ll see them wherever people have ink. In many countries it is believed that tattoos hold a mystical power, giving their owner certain supernatural powers, and if you’re going to put your faith in a tattoo then a lucky one is probably a great place to start.

Across the Western world lucky tattoos include visual symbols that are rumored to give luck. Rabbit’s feet, four-leafed clovers and horseshoes are all real-world lucky charms that people incorporate into their tattoo designs in the hope of getting a little bit of extra fortune.

People are using traditional Asian symbols such as the Buddha or Maneki Neko to try and improve their odds, although this is a risky route unless you’re absolutely sure that the meaning has been explained to you truthfully.

From black cats to lucky numbers and everything in between, the trick to getting a lucky tattoo is to believe that it will give you good fortune — make your own luck. Just remember that you need it to work for life, so don’t rush in and choose a charm without it proving itself to you more than once first!

16 Tattoo Designs that Give Luck
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