Loyalty Tattoo Ideas

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Loyalty tattoo ideas are often a mixture of common iconography that’s been associated with loyal people throughout time and personal design expression. 
Loyalty has always been celebrated as a rare hallmark of commitment, and is marked with symbols like the fleur-de-lis, crowns, shields and weapons — common themes in the world of heraldry. Loyalty tattoos almost always use these strong visuals as a foundation, but not many people can be summed up by just one word, so there is a tendency to add more graphic touches to these elements.
In most cases, these tattoo designs use the core symbol to build something bigger. A crown or crest with a motto, or a cross that flows into a fleur-de-lis and even the word loyalty itself with little graphic accents are beautiful unisex ways of showing that your loyalty is a major component of who you are.
Prime examples are the Irish Claddagh, which shows two hands wrapped around a crowned heart, and the Love, Life, Loyalty crucifix. Both have taken key iconography and connected it, expanding it into a broader way to express your code with loyalty at the core.
Reinforce these designs with font for a striking statement of character.
32 Great Loyalty Tattoo Ideas
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