Loyalty Tattoo Designs

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Symbols of loyalty are a rich territory for anyone who wants to get a tattoo that celebrates or declares their lifelong commitment to someone or something. 
The majority of loyalty symbols are related to the world of heraldry, as loyalty was a crucial trait in the Middle Ages. Arrows, shields, the fleur-de-lis and even ornate filigree patterns are all representative of people who are loyal, as is the image of a crown.
Loyalty tattoo designs often take these powerful symbols and fuse them together with other elements that mean something to the customer to create custom loyalty tattoo designs. Unlike other prominent tattoo themes like love and trust it’s quite rare to see these symbols in isolation.

What is a symbol for loyalty?

A good example of this is the Love, Life, Loyalty symbol. It builds on a crucifix, incorporating an abstract heart into the top of the design, showing how loyalty seamlessly fits with related ideas and symbols.
Another popular choice is the Irish Claddagh, a piece that tells a story of love, loyalty and friendship. It shows hands circling to hold a crowned heart, and is a powerful expression of commitment whether you choose to keep it as it is, or add additional details.
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