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Expressing love is one of the main reasons that people get tattoos. Whether it’s your favorite band’s logo or a quote dedicated to your favorite author, love is a big theme in the world of body modification.

Tattoos that represent love come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are built on symbols and ideas that vary from person to person. There are the more expected symbols — hearts, Cupid’s arrows, names and even lips. But that doesn’t mean that those are your only choices. Tattoos that mean love can be comprised of runes, icons, symbols and words — they can be completely abstract. That’s why they’re so special.

Looking for love tattoo ideas is easier if you start by exploring symbols that represent love. From Zibu symbols to the beautiful rose, there are loads of icons that speak to love without actually saying it. A great example is the Celtic symbol for love, which features three ovals in a conjoined circle. Each oval has a meaning, and together, this piece represents ancient love. This makes it a great design to build into family love tattoos so that you can enhance your family crest and add a symbol of familial love.

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