Love Tattoo Designs

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They say that it’s bad luck to get your boyfriend or girlfriend’s name tattooed on you forever, but there is something really romantic about getting a tattoo that celebrates your love for one another.

People make the mistake of assuming that tattoos about love have to be cheesy — names, hearts with Cupid’s arrow through and even roses. And while these can be an option to express your love, there are other love tattoo designs that you can consider so that you can show everyone how proud you are of your relationship.

A good starting point is to look at love tattoo pictures to try and get a feeling of what’s out there. You’ll find that love symbols from different languages and cultures are very popular, and they have an air of mystery that makes them special. Infinite circles, puzzle pieces, wings, dates and half hearts that fit together are all subtler ways to celebrate your love.

Tattoos about love also move out of the romantic direction and can be a powerful way to express love for family or a close friend. Love is very personal and so are these tattoos, so choose your piece and placement with your heart.

85 Love Tattoo Designs and Pictures
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