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Tattoos that represent life can be presented in a literal, interpretive, or figurative manner. Trees are the most common representations of life in body art. Abstract trees of life in formations representing geometric shapes leave a lot of room for unique or personal elements to be added in.

For women, those aspiring to become mothers can represent life by getting an abstract interpretation of fallopian tubes with an image of the Greek deity Phanes. Phanes represents procreation and new life. Another option for tattoos that represent life using mythology would be the Catholic patron saint of pregnancy and mothers, St. Anne looking down toward a blooming garden.

Lotus flowers are unisex and represent life and new beginnings. You can use several lotus flowers to create a unique design, use it abstractly with embedded images, or make it big, bold, and noticeable. It is common to see a lotus flower in combination with other elements to tell a complete story with the tattoo.

We have compiled a few examples of tattoos that represent life to help you finish your vision. These ideas will help you explain to your artist exactly what you want and why. Approve your design and the stencil’s location before beginning to ensure that its positioning emotes the right meaning.

102 Tattoo Ideas that Represent Life
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