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Deities, saints, and Gods/Goddesses are often used in tattoos with meaning of life. When a symbol is present for the mythological identity, it can be used in its place. The first thing that might come to your mind is the tree of life, and its many interpretations. While this is a common option, it can be twisted, tweaked, and redesigned into any shape you wish and maintain the same meaning.

A unique idea for tattoos with meaning of life is to reference the Shinedown song, The Crow & the Butterfly. In this song, the butterfly represents life; the crow represents death, despair, and darkness. What you could do is have a large butterfly chasing a crow away, showing the will to live life as it comes and rise above any challenge thrown your way.

Anchors are a good option for males wanting to show their representation of life. Anchors show that you are grounded, solid and have your roots set in place — your life is where you want it to be. It can also mean that you have a plan for your life, as you could include ghost-like references to goals, accomplishments and the unknown.

Browse through these tattoos with meaning of life and get a few ideas for your own body art. There is a symbol or object for anything about life that you’d wish to display in your piece.

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