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Getting an inspirational tattoo is a great way to give yourself a reminder that you have the power to achieve your goals.

Whether it’s a lyric from your favorite song or a piece of advice that always seems relevant, tattoos can have a profound impact on the way you feel and see your world.

At the moment most inspirational tattoos are visual interpretations of quotes — “Fall down seven times, stand up eight”, “This too shall pass” and similar phrases are an obvious source of inspiration. And while there is something beautiful in the simplicity of font, you don’t need to limit your creative thinking when considering a piece that’s more than skin deep.

Some of the most striking inspirational tattoo ideas are clever visual breakdowns of quotes. The word mind with a line below and the word matter is a great example — in this case, the inspirational notion of “Mind over matter” is shown in a visual way.

Whether you choose a scripture or an equation for motion, inspiration is what you perceive it to be. Be bold and select a design that invigorates you every time you see it. Remember that it’s personal and you’ll get something you love.

57 Inspirational Tattoo Ideas
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