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Tattoos have an almost unique ability to inspire their owner, because they are custom pieces of artwork that mean the world to the people who get them.

Although we all find inspiration in different places, many of the most inspiring tattoo designs include a phrase or quote that resonates with their wearer. Much like the inspirational office posters of days gone by, these are quotes that are found in books, songs and even online.

There is also a huge movement to incorporate scripture or religious messaging into inspirational pieces that serve as a constant reminder of a core belief. These are often crafted on scrolls or paper for authenticity, as this symbolizes the origin of the quote.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are symbols from ancient times. The Neo-Druid symbol Awen speaks strongly to inspiration. It features three concentric circles and three dots with three flowing lines, each representing our body, spirit and artistic side, and inspiring all three.

The simple spiral is also a powerful inspiration symbol. It suggests that we all have a starting point, and walk a path through good and bad times on our journey to our final destination. Adapt it to suit you.

30 Inspiring Tattoo Designs
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