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The rise of tattooing as a mainstream form of self-expression has seen an equal reaction among people who are dedicated to standing out from the crowd. Having originated as a statement of rebellion, tattoos are now rightfully recognized as an art form but it can be argued that they have lost their edge. Everyone from celebrities to school teachers can be seen with ink, and the practice is now widely accepted.

Naturally, this has angered certain purists who maintain that tattoos should be reserved for those who respect the art form itself. While old school traditionalists are grumbling about it, an unexpected group has taken drastic action to show that they don’t fit in. Hipster tattoos are a response to mainstream tattoo trends. Hipsters have embraced smaller flash tattoos, often in the neo-traditional style, but focus on ironic subject matters.

Although people argue that getting tattoos for the sake of being different undermines the deep personal meaning of tattooing, the fact that there is a rise in hipster tattoos means that people are standing up against mass produced, copied pieces, and that is a promising sign. Hipster or not, surely we should all be in favor of fights against sameness.

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