Hipster Tattoo Designs

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The hipster movement is built on a belief that the mainstream is to be avoided at all costs. It is characterized by a love of the ironic and a distinctive style — beards, vintage clothing and unexpected accessories. The style is familiar across the globe and has even spilt over to the world of tattooing, sparking a school of tattoo designs that expresses the same anti-establishment sentiment.

Hipster tattoo designs are often smaller statement pieces that are characterized by bold lines and an almost neo-traditional look. Unlike broader tattoo trends such as skulls, anchors or pin ups, they focus on personal meaning and feature simple, original designs. There are fewer distinguishing traits and the owners often get each piece impulsively.

These tattoos are also placed in less expected places. The triceps, fingers, and upper neck are all common placements for these types of tattoos as they often stand in isolation and are therefore suited to unusual spots.

One of the best things about getting a tattoo is that we do it for our own reasons and goals. If you want to make a statement about mainstream culture, then that’s entirely your choice. Embrace the style and designs that work for you.

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