Harley Quinn Tattoo Ideas

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Are you a true Harley Quinn fan? She sure loves The Joker, and the tattoos on her body, like those shown in Suicide Squad are inspiration for unique and playful Harley Quinn tattoo ideas. She is thought to be crazy, but it isn’t truly revealed until her body art is seen.

She has hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs tattooed sporadically on her body, some in formations. Harley Quinn was The Joker’s psychiatrist, so the meanings of her tattoos are not typically, what they appear to be — they express more of an obsession with The Joker than anything does.

Have fun with suicide squad tattoos and include some of the random formations of diamonds making a diamond, bleeding diamonds or hearts or make a background collage of gambling-related images with Harley herself in the foreground.

These Harley Quinn tattoo ideas will help you come up with a design that fits your interpretation of her character. You could turn her into a pinup doll adorned with jewelry made of hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades. Have fun and put her in an innocent scene, or portray her as she is thought to be — crazy and cynical with a dark, mystical, and perhaps a bit twisted background.

26 Harley Quinn Tattoo Ideas from Suicide Squad
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