Friendship Tattoo Ideas

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Best friend tattoos are one of the boldest ways to celebrate your bond with your bestie, and as more and more people choose ink to express themselves, more friendships are etched with ink.

Finding best friend tattoo ideas can be a challenge. In general, tattoos for best friends are two related parts of a single image. Friends often get puzzle pieces that somehow fit together, or quotes that are complete when their owners stand next to each other, but best friend tattoo designs don’t follow any rules.

Best friend symbol tattoos like Ying Yang, chess pieces or other secretive symbols unique to friends are perfect for people looking for a private way to celebrate a friend without the whole world knowing about it — kind of like an inside joke in ink.

Tattoo ideas for friends don’t always have to match either. If you call your friend Birdy and they call you Pooh, you can get those nicknames or characters as a symbol of your friendship. He’s happy and you’re always a little sad? How about a plus and minus? Or maybe he always shouts and you always finish the conversation, so a full stop and exclamation mark might work?

62 Best Friend Tattoo Ideas
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