Friendship Tattoo Designs

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Friendship tattoos are a very bold choice — the most permanent way to show that world that your friendship isn’t going to change anytime soon.

Friendship tattoo designs are often made up of two parts that complete a whole, or an identical symbol. A great example would be a friendship bracelet that’s tattooed on both friends’ ankle or wrist, or even a friendship ring that can be tattooed on your finger. The infinity symbol or even a simple heart also works well if you’re going to get matching tattoos.

Other friends choose puzzle pieces as a sign that they fit together when they’re together, or friendship lockets, each friend owning a half. Symbols like the traditional Yin and Yang also work well if this is more your style.

What makes tattoos meaning friendship so cool is that you can explore friendship symbol tattoos that only have meaning to you and your friend. Celtic runes in particular are a subtle way to celebrate your friendship — the Celtic knot that ties you together forever can make a great piece.

There’s even an adapted infinity symbol to represent everlasting friendship that looks like a butterfly, so you’ll find your perfect piece to symbolize friendship.

49 Friendship Tattoo Design Ideas
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