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If you are a tattoo virgin, you might not have any idea of what good first tattoo ideas are. Consider your interests or something that is important to you as first time tattoo ideas. Some first timers prefer to get a small tattoo with minimal detail and not much of the design requiring filling just to get a feel for the process.

It is important to choose a part of your body that is less painful to tattoo, like an upper arm or calf area. Print some of the ideas for first tattoo designs that you have and cut them out. Place them on your body just to see what the design would look like where you have it placed. Make sure the design fits your body’s contouring well.

It is important to inform your artist that you are a first timer so that he or she can help keep you calm and relaxed. They will also be understanding if you need to take a break, even for a small piece.

Browse through several of the provided first tattoo ideas here to see what other people have decided on. You may find that their first tattoos are ideal for you too. Use these examples as inspiration for creating a custom design or make changes to existing designs to make it more personal for you.

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