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Some good first tattoos are flowers, tribal pieces, a heart, a small skull, or a single word. These are simple, take little time, and are easy to add onto later. Most people choose smaller designs for their first time in the chair because they are unsure if they can handle the pain of being tattooed. This is a good approach to take.

Your first tattoo is likely to cause your tattoo addiction to start. After you experience your first, you are likely to develop a need for ink. It is a good idea to have a theme in mind for your body so that all of your art tells a story. You may choose a design that you just like for your first, it may not have any special meaning to you, and that is okay. Your first time can be considered as an experiment for your tolerance to being tattooed and your body’s ability to hold color.

Look through some of these pictures for getting first tattoo ideas. They will help you see what others have chosen and where they chose to be tattooed. Consider choosing an area of your body, like the upper arm, that has some fat because it will help decrease the pain a bit when there is padding between your skin and your bones.

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