Father Tattoo Ideas

12 Designs

Many dads get tattoos for their children or their own fathers. Dad tattoos typically say dad or display some kind of father/child relationship through design. Some tattoo ideas for dads are very creative where two favorite memories can be blended into one meaningful design.

When tattoo ideas for dads need to be memorials for lost children, it can be difficult for them to discuss the absolute meaning behind the tattoo. When this is the situation, it is necessary to work with an artist that has compassion and understanding. If the process becomes too emotional, take a little break and pick back up in a few minutes.

If you want a portrait tattoo, make sure to bring the clearest photo that you have to serve as a perfect reference for your artist.

These dad tattoo ideas can help you see how some fathers have creatively displayed their proud dad status. You will also see how two portraits, or even a single portrait are not all there is for tattoos for dads. You may get some ideas from the examples here to give to your artist. These examples may also help you find an exact design that you don’t need any changes made to. Looking ahead of time is helpful for giving your artist the clearest details about what you want.

25 Great Dad Tattoo Ideas
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