Father Tattoo Designs

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As a father, getting a tattoo for your children, whether human or animal, is a special moment. You are putting permanent art on your body to show your pride of being a father. Father tattoos are often portraits, but are not limited to just portraits.

Some father tattoo ideas are to get a toy truck or favorite toy of one of your children, a favorite flower, or car of a grown child or a special memory you have of a lost child. If you lost a son who loved animals, consider a silhouette style tattoo with a young boy patting the head of a dog looking out into an open field. A design like this makes a big impact that will keep his spirit with you always.

If you lost a daughter, consider a beautiful flower garden with the silhouette of a girl dancing in them. If she loved horses, use her silhouette and have your artist put her atop a horse riding through an open field, showing that her soul is free.

Tattoos for fathers are special and it takes an artist that understands the meaning behind the design to give the tattoo justice. Look through these father tattoos to see what other dads have chosen. You might gain some inspiration from some of their creative ideas.

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