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Family tattoos do not always have to be a group event where every member gets the same tattoo. You can choose to get tattoos meaning family all on your own, just to show your love for your family. A completely abstract idea for tattoos that mean family is to have your artist create a realistic rendition of your family home. Include each person’s initials or simply have the tattoo say your last name.

Fun tattoos for family members can be a cartoonish version of the family in a convertible driving down the highway. You could also use stars for each member of the family and create a ring or stack of the symbols to abstractly represent your family.

If you need more tattoo ideas for family, consider silhouettes of parents holding hands with their children by their side in silhouette form. Now, you could also use modern stick figures where male family members have xs for legs and female members have triangles for legs. The parents would be larger, of course.

We have collected a few different family tattoo ideas for you to browse through. You might have a great idea for tattoos about family for yourself, but someone else’s idea may fit you better. These ideas can always be altered to fit your specific idea.

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