Family Tattoo Designs

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Family oriented tattoos should be conveyed in a way that represents your family’s personality. If you are a fun-loving, free spirited family, consider stick figures to represent each member. It is a fun and playful way to show your pride for the family you’ve helped build.

Many families have a crest or shield; these are family tattoo designs that would remain the same for each family member. These are unique only to your family. Regardless of gender, the same design including color choices should be identical on all family members tattooed.

Another fun idea for tattoos representing family is to create a charm bracelet or chain of items that link each member together. Include a single item of interest for each family member that represents who they are in your life.

A female wanting to memorialize a family member or show living members of their families with a tree of life, making small open spaces for a portrait, favorite flower, color or something of significance representing that person.

These tattoos that represent family are all unique in their own way. Each artist and client have a different idea of what family means. Italians that love their families often simply tattoo “famiglia” on their arm, chest, leg, or back to keep the design simple and straightforward.

33 Tattoo Designs that Represent Family
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