Faith Tattoo Ideas

27 Designs

One of the most relevant and straightforward tattoos of faith is the Hibu symbol. It looks like a fancy uppercase H with three dots on the left side of it. You can even have the word faith tattooed underneath it so that onlookers understand its symbolism.

Faith tattoo ideas surrounding religion can simply be a representation of your faith’s cross or religious symbol. It does not have to be a solid black tattoo. You can have the design look realistic like the material the original cross of your religion was, a solid color or just an outline.

Zodiac fish outlines with the word faith, God, Jesus or something relative to your religion are simple and straightforward with their message. A single dove is also a symbol of faith. Consider combining your preferred cross with a single dove flying above it. It gives your tattoo additional meaning and beauty.

Scroll through and browse some of the faith tattoo ideas that we’ve come across to share with you for design ideas and inspiration. You may not know how to explain to your artist what you want, and browsing through these ideas may give you the example that you need as a reference.

52 Faith Tattoo Ideas for Believers
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