Faith Tattoo Designs

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As more people accept tattoos and the art form becomes more mainstream, more people have the freedom to express themselves and their faith through tattoos. The shift in perception and the popularity of tattoos has seen a rise in faith tattoos that let the world know what their owner believes.

While the majority of faith tattoo designs are linked to a religious belief, there is a lot more to the term than traditional Christian symbols like praying hands, doves or the cross. Many cultures have symbols that are associated with the word “faith” itself, and incorporating these into your design can make your piece even more special.

Surprisingly, the anchor is a common symbol of faith that is often added to the word for visual effect. Another option is the more abstract angelic Zibu symbol for faith, a beautiful and subtle combination of balance and striking simplicity. Adding secondary elements or symbolic visuals to your faith symbol tattoo seem to soften the message and keep the piece personal, which is always a benefit.

Celebrating your personal faith in ink is a beautiful bold choice that will serve as a reminder to hold firm and keep believing throughout your life.

27 Faith Symbol Tattoo Designs
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