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As tattooing has developed as an art form, tattoo artists have learnt how to bring elegance and grace to the pieces that they complete. As recently as a few years ago tattoos were about bold statements and patterns. There wasn’t much room for feminine, graceful design, but thanks in part to technological development and in part to the tremendous talent of modern artists; tattoos now mirror the grace and effortless style of those who choose this very specific kind of artwork. There is definitely a kind of elegance in modern tattoo design, and it can be appealing.

If you’re looking for elegant tattoo ideas, then it’s worth investigating traditional artists that you love and cross-referencing the aspects of their work that you love. Once you understand what draws you to their elegance, you’re in a better place to pick a design that flows with your form. In most cases elegant pieces are a combination of superb design and a thorough understanding of what it takes to bring the tattoo to life — an understanding of skin and the human anatomy. Find an artist who can give you what you’re looking for and the elegance you’re looking for will be within reach.

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