Elegant Tattoo Designs

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Elegant tattoo designs are the result of loads of research and an expert artist crafting a masterpiece that goes beyond simple tattooing and moves into the space of genius. Think about it — your artist is scratching ink into your skin, following a canvas that is curved and unique, to create something natural and elegant.

So where does the journey start? For most of us, it starts online. Do your research and find pieces that you would define as elegant. What makes them stand out? It’s probably a series of long, flowing lines and subtle use of color. If you understand how you define elegance it will be easier to explain to your artist.

The artist is the secret to getting that artwork perfect. Again, do you research and find an artist whose style and approach suits what you have in mind. Head to their studio and chat to them about what you have in mind and where you want to get it, because placement is also critical. Choose a spot that allows your design to wrap and curve to create a sense of dynamic energy. You might need to amend the design, but ultimately, you’ll find the elegance you’re after.

71 Elegant Tattoo Designs for Women
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