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We can’t imagine our life without dogs. They are our faithful companions, taking part in every side of our life: they work with us, guide and protect, fight on our side, safe people in extreme situations. All of us know a lot of stories about dogs that didn’t leave their owners in tough situations despite the danger. A lot of dog tattoo ideas are known, and you surely find the best tattoo for you. There are some the most popular patterns.

  • Dog Breed tattoo — for people, who have dogs, they are not only pets, but also best friends. No matter if you love Boxers or Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Yorkshire Terriers, Beagles, Schnauzers or Collie — all these breed have their special personal traits that we gladly associate with. If you have a dog and want to pay tribute to your beloved pet, you must consider this design.
  • Dog Paw tattoo — this design is often chosen by dog lovers to show loyalty and warmth they have in their hearts, and also to make the entire world see love and deep connection with their pet. Sometimes a Dog Paw tattoo is made for the memory of the lost canine. There can be not only dog paw inked, but also other prints like flowers, Ying-Yang symbol, name, wings and every other pattern that is meaningful for you.
  • Fu (foo) Dog tattoo — Fu Dog is a creature that guarded the Far East temples long time ago. It is sometimes called the Lion of Buddha and protects Buddhist Dharma. In tattoo patterns it is looks like the lion and the dog at the same time and in most Fu Dog tattoo images shows sharp teeth, hunting imaginary demons. The Foo Dog symbolizes protection (both you or your ideas), power, pride and justice.
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