Dog Tattoo Designs

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When we talk about man’s best friend, for most people it’s a dog. They are our trusted and devoted companions for a very long time. They come in different appearances and sizes, for almost every side of our life. Some people consider them as family members. They train dogs for different daily activities and ceremonies. Life on the farm is impossible without well trained dogs — they provide companionship or protection, or assist with livestock movement. They are great companions for hunting, too.

In Shamanic and Celtic wisdom the dog is connected to the powers of forest. In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greco-Roman and other cultures dogs considered to be spiritual guides, while human soul travels between physical and non-physical. They are surely the best companions on any type of journey, physical or mental. Thus dog tattoo could be your totem and guide for life. In Chinese culture dogs are symbols of good luck and fortune — if you want them in your life, you definitely should consider dog tattoo design.

And of course dogs are our greatest companions and vital part of our culture: everyone knows Lessie, commissar Rex, and of course the most popular dog — Cerberus. A lot of dog tattoo designs are just images of our beloved pets that are also our best friends. You can choose dog tattoo design from the great variety of patterns and give your dog tattoo a very special meaning depending on your character and needs.

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