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Like any art form, tattooing is subjective, meaning people will always have a different opinion on what makes tattoos cool or not. The truth is that the coolest tattoos are the ones that you love. Tattooing is a highly personal form of self-expression, and there is no formula to make sure that everybody else thinks your tattoo is cool — you got the tattoo for yourself, after all.

Having said that, you can find cool tattoo ideas that can spark an idea for a great design for yourself. A good place to start is online, researching the different tattoo styles. From trash polka to traditional styles, getting an overview of the kinds of tattoos out there will give you a good indication of what you think is cool.

Once you’ve got some cool ideas for tattoos, you can start looking for reference images to help you decide what you want to get. Check out cool tattoo pictures and popular artists online to get a feel for what you’d like to borrow and enhance to make sure that you get the coolest tattoos ever.

Don’t forget that tattoos are forever, so get a piece that’s cool enough to last for your lifetime.

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