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Looking at really cool tattoos gives most of us the urge to head down to a studio and get some ink ourselves, but it’s also a great way to figure out what you classify as cool — an important piece of information if you’re planning on getting some ink.

Start your search by checking out cool tattoo designs online. There are websites with thousands of pictures for you to browse, and social media is also full of tattoo inspiration. Once you’ve got a few ideas about what you want, find an artist you trust. Not sure if they can do the job? Most great tattoo artists are artists by trade and will have cool tattoo sketches for you to take a look at. Ask them for advice about cool designs for tattoos and find out if they can take what you’ve got in mind and bring it to life for you.

Remember that part of what makes tattoos awesome is that they have a special meaning for you. Cool tattoos with meaning often borrow from trends and diverse styles to make a personal statement, so pick something special. Just prepare yourself to explain that meaning — especially if the design is awesome.

500+ Really Cool Tattoo Designs and Sketches
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