Calm Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos themed around feeling calm can be designed to display anything that you find calming. This means that you can also use the popular “keep calm and” type of themes. Some calm tattoo ideas to go along with this trend are Keep Calm and Rise Above, Keep Calm and Press Forward, Keep Calm and Breathe, or Keep Calm and Face the Day.

You could also take a very literal approach by having just the word calm tattooed on your body, but do it with a twist. Use a fade-in or fade-out technique with multiple designs of the word “calm” with each being lighter or darker as the previous. It shows dimension and the different stages of calm.

Be a little creative and use an object or figure to help disguise your message. Calm tattoo ideas that use imagery include a character or portrait wearing a hat that reads keep calm or be calm works along with a bird carrying a message in a bottle that reads calm yourself or be calm.

We have compiled some examples of calm tattoo ideas to help you get inspired. Take a few notes if you’d like and use the ideas here to help you and your artist create a unique design that supports your message.

33 Calm Tattoo Ideas
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