Calm Tattoo Designs

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There are dozens of symbols and abstract designs meaning calm. Getting a tattoo meaning calm likely means that you have a great deal of disruption in your life. For some, it can be a chronic mental illness that causes their minds to live in unrest, requiring displayed reminders to calm yourself. A simple yin and yang symbol is the most common symbol for calm. What is great about the yin and yang is that you can hide other images within it, meaning each circle could be reminders for what you need to be calm about.

In the Chinese language, their character symbols can be used to display your need for calm. In this language, there are symbols for tranquility, inner peace, undisturbed, quiet and equilibrium (balance). To add more depth to your tattoo meaning calm, include another element, such as an element of happiness such as a rising sun.

Another way to design a tattoo meaning calm is to use yoga symbols from the most impactful positions that provide you with the best results. We have included several samples here of tattoos meaning or symbolizing calm for various reasons. You may get some ideas to help you design your piece to have the strongest meaning it can for your specific situation.

36 Tattoo Designs Meaning Calm
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