Brother Tattoo Ideas

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Brother tattoos are about more than just acknowledging the fact that you have a sibling — they’re all about permanently celebrating the bond with your brother in a way that is special and meaningful to you. Tattooing is a bonding experience that confirms how special your relationship is, and getting a piece that commemorates a sibling is the ultimate declaration of brotherly love.

If you’re looking for brother tattoo ideas the best place to start is by having a chat about what you’re both willing to get. You might be quite different — that’s something you can celebrate with your pieces. And remember that they don’t have to match or be carbon copies, as you can get a related but seemingly random piece: mix and match is very cool.

Once you’ve discussed potential design areas, do your research and decide on a style you both want. It’s quite cool to get the same design in a different style suited to your personalities. You’ll also need to pick the actual images you’re going to get and the placement that works best for your individual body types.

The only thing that’s left to do is the fun part — getting the actual artwork tattooed forever!

27 Meaningful Brother Tattoo Ideas
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