Brother Tattoo Designs

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Looking for tattoo designs for brothers is the start of an awesome journey that you can share with your siblings or closest friends. The decision to celebrate your bond with a tattoo is a serious commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but once you’re sure it’s all awesome all the time.

Start by discussing designs and styles. Don’t worry if he wants a neo-traditional tiger while you’re leaning towards a watercolor panda — you’re free to mix and match and adjust the designs so that they tell a story you’re both happy about.

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want to get its time to think about placements. This is normally a good point to go and chat to a tattoo artist who you trust, as they’ll be able to suggest cool placements that get the most out of both your physique and design. Think about how you’re going to show them off, or conversely, which spot will allow you to keep the brotherly branding a personal secret.

Once you’ve chosen a piece and settled on where it’s going to go its time to stand up and mark yourselves as brothers for life, a bonding experience you’ll never forget.

16 Awesome Tattoo Designs for Brothers
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