Branch Tattoo Ideas

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Tree branch tattoo ideas help a troubled or thoughtful mind reach out to the unknown. Branch tattoos have different symbolisms in the way they are designed. A bare tree branch symbolizes death, emptiness, and cold. A bare tree branch tattoo can symbolize great loss, sadness, and darkness.

If you are struggling through a tough time in your life, an olive branch tattoo symbolizes a desire for peace, or an attempt to find piece. It can also mean repairing broken love. The emotion in the tattoo can come from the elements that you choose to include with it, such as a crow to symbolize despair or turmoil. Butterflies reflect strength and new life — easily changing the theme to a positive rather than a negative.

If your tree branch tattoo ideas include green leaves and sprouting twigs, this can symbolize a new beginning or blossoming of your character. It can also symbolize the starting of a brand new journey in life.

When your branch tattoos are permanently inked on your body, the more realistic the design and more textured the branch is connects you personally to the feeling or emotion drawn from the tattoo. These tree branch tattoo ideas can become part of your body art story.

27 Meaningful Branch Tattoo Ideas
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