Branch Tattoo Designs

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Good tree branch tattoo designs can become part of an amazing story through art — your story. The good thing about tree branches is that they do grow and can change. Tree branches with as your life changes, you can express those changes through additions to your tattoo, such as wrapping your branch into the tree of life to symbolize a marriage.

If you have experienced a difficult or dark time in your life, that can be symbolized with a dead tree branch with a pile of fall colored leaves underneath it. To make it bolder, consider adding a night storm to the background.

To represent your family through tree branch tattoo designs, plant your roots deep and symbolize each member with a branch including green leaves for each person. You can include their names or initials to a leaf if you wish.

The tree branch tattoo designs shown here are interpretive representations of times in the client’s life that have a purpose. These same elements can be used in your tattoo, or you can use the exact design if you wish. Work with your artist to make sure your tree branch is properly represented for its meaning to you.

12 Nice Tree Branch Tattoo Designs
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