Blackwork Tattoo Ideas

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Do you love bright colors or you prefer the simplicity of the black? When there is only one color used in tattoo the focus is placed entirely on the flash. It may be the small design or big tattoos covering almost 90% of the body... It may be small and delicate or big and saturate — but always monochrome.

Blackwork tattoo designs that are also sometimes called neotribal are standing out for years. Someone may think that monochrome tattoos are too extreme and not so aesthetic — but these designs are definitely outstanding due to the boldness and strength. We may say that blackwork is a fine line and dotline techniques in extreme with massive black filled areas — geometric and tribal patterns strongly influenced by Polynesian art.

When it comes to blackwork, you hardly find realistic designs — they are mostly ornamental, but influenced by tribal patterns may be highly meaningful. Saturate black color is a visit card of the style, but you can also add white ink to soften the black tint. Blackwork tattoos are also a great choice for cover-ups — but remember, you couldn’t remove it with a laser so easily!

51 Delightful Blackwork Tattoo Ideas
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