Blackwork Tattoo Designs

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Blackwork tattoo style is one of the most popular. What are the most characteristic traits of this style? First of all it is the color. Usually blackwork tattoos are made in black color, but sometimes other simple colors like white or red are added. Blackwork designs are unisex and fit perfectly both men and women. It may be just stand-alone drawing or the big full story similar to page of the comic book. The flash could be made in every part of the body, though the most preferable are arms, legs, chest or back.

Blackwork tattoos are widely used to cover up old or bad tattoos, scars or other skin defects — black color makes it simple. As for the designs, there are no limits. Almost every design may be inked in blackwork style. But don’t think that the style is simple — it’s not only black spots, but also shades, various color tones and different volumes.

Though there are no limitations when it comes to design, some of the most typical. The most popular designs for blackwork tattoos are tribal, geometric, lettering, mandalas and animals. One of the best designs is well-known “Black square”.

16 Amazing Blackwork Tattoo Designs
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