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Are you looking for a few badass tattoo ideas? 3D tattoos are popular and those that incorporate black light ink are even more badass. Imagine just an outline of an image glowing from your body at night or in a dark space. Then imagine the reaction from those that don’t know it’s a tattoo and are scared about what the glowing thing is coming at them.

Other pieces include mechanical designs that appear wet or shiny. The metal would look absolutely real. Or what about a rusty hotrod car where the rust look so realistic people touch it to make sure it’s just ink? Mind-boggling ideas surely make for badass tattoos.

If you are picking a tattoo design that you want to be noticed and draw attention to itself, make sure it is in an area of the body that will be seen. Hiding a badass tattoo almost defeats the purpose of getting it.

Look over some of these badass tattoo ideas and gain some inspiration. You may come up with an absolutely off-the-wall design concept that might just make the cover of a tattoo magazine. Show off your design with pride and have a great story to go along with it.

131 Badass Tattoo Ideas for Men
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