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Badass tattoo designs are often classified as those that are in the most sensitive areas of the body or have killer designs that just seem too good to be a tattoo. The theme of a tattoo can also make it badass or tough, such as a warzone theme. That is a badass tattoo design that has a superior meaning.

Work with a tattoo artist that has samples of badass tattoos they’ve completed for other clients. Look at their design, their specific style, and how well they use multiple techniques to achieve the badass factor. Are they creative enough with their composition to get your business?

A great badass design idea is to get a rib tattoo, but make it appear as if your skin is ripped open and you are looking directly inside your body. Request a realism style and make sure that your artist knows how to design in 3D or your badass idea won’t be so badass when it’s done.

Flip through some of these badass tattoo designs and get some inspiration. Get to work designing a few badass tattoos to show to your chosen artist to give them the best idea possible of what you want. Ask for a full color drawing that will be made into a stencil to make sure they achieve the concept.

61 Badass Tattoo Designs for Guys
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