Ankle Tattoo Ideas

Most models and actresses choose to get their tattoos in a hidden place that they can easily cover up. Ankles are a sensitive area and require a good deal of pain tolerance to withstand getting a tattoo there. For most, an ankle tattoo is looked at as a sex symbol and a way to express personal creativity through body art.

Ankle tattoos, in the current day, turn out beautiful and vibrant, and can be “touched up” at any local tattoo parlor to restore their colorful beauty! The design of ankle tattoo that you choose can be used to identify you, and they make really awesome conversation pieces too.

Check out some of the tattoo examples we have listed, and see if a new ankle tattoo might be right for you. The ink used in modern tattoos is top of the line, and resists fading and wear for years! It’s an inexpensive way to make your body, well, more YOU!

74 Best Ankle Tattoo Ideas and Designs
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