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An amazing tattoo is one that likely takes multiple sittings. Amazing tattoos also have elements that make them come alive and pop off of the skin. Working with an artist that has the ability to create 3D or multi-dimensional body art is ideal. It shows that the artist is versatile, creative, and highly skilled.

Some amazing tattoo ideas are scenes of actual events. For instance, if a major event has significance to you, provide your artist with an exact photo, or printed image of the scene you want. Explain the most important elements of the design that must be there. This piece will tell a story that will be compelling and will leave an impression with others. You could also take a portrait and have a meaningful background that brings people to tears.

Amazing tattoos are like some of those here that we have come across. These are items that have a special message, special technique or look too real to be ink, just to name a few of the things you’ll notice while browsing through these photos. Take some ideas from these examples and talk with your artist how you would like a particular element, technique, or look based upon one of these ideas incorporated into your design.

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