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Some of the most amazing tattoos come from the simplest ideas. One single thought can turn the creative juices of a tattoo artist on to full blast. An amazing tattoo does not have to be complicated. It can be a simple design that is applied very well. Straight, accurate lines that are completely saturated require talent and help create amazing outlines.

An amazing tattoo idea for a woman would be a cherry blossom tree with roots that start at the hip and end at the shoulder. Part of the design could slip over to the rib area to give it the amazing factor. The artist should add as much detail into the tree and each blossom as possible for the most dynamic finish to the piece. A tattoo of that magnitude is an accomplishment for a female client.

Scroll through some of the amazing tattoo designs that we found and you will easily notice why they are here. These artists have taken their time drawing these pieces and painting them on your skin with absolute precision. If you see a technique or element in one of these examples that you are impressed with, show it to your artist so they can do their best to match your vision.

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